Friday, September 18, 2009

Hard to recover....

I would love to go back to Laguna Beach and find the spot where I took this seemed easy then before all the set backs this year. It is hard to recover from loosing all data on your laptop and the "need" I usually have to create is long gone. 

My blog is weak and I don't visit all my favorite blogs like I used to. All this whining drives me  crazy but it is hard to just snap out of it. We hope to have the kitchen floors installed on Monday and Tuesday.... to be able to install the new stove, dishwasher will be a dream.

I just can't wait to cook again (one of my big passions). We have been without a kitchen and living in a disaster doing dishes in the bathroom for 3 months now and I am just so DONE with it. The kitchen sink will take a little longer to get installed since we have beautiful wood counters that need to be sealed. 

One day soon I will post pictures of the finished kitchen and hardwood floors throughout the downstairs.  Perhaps before Christmas :)

Hope you have a nice day :)

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