Friday, May 16, 2014

Patriotic quilting in 101 degree weather

 photo 92A93AF1-2ECF-4C38-84F8-A002A783138F_zpsiv2jnfxk.jpg

House sitting my oldest daughter and her husbands farm up in Northern California.... 101 degrees yesterday... A/C and sewing machine it was...

 photo f5b499ec-8355-4c97-86ab-cf4fd9b74ea4_zpsa16090d6.jpg

Had all these fabric scarps from a 4th of July quilt I am working on...

 photo 47e23cb0-51b2-4811-a91e-10360b3fe231_zpsb7e37d6b.jpg

Had just too much fun and could not stop...

 photo 745b5aaa-b746-4428-b1be-20a9e461d39d_zps5cbbd125.jpg

You can find all these quilt in my store

 photo 27e1ccd5-4a24-4303-a31c-12c736c7b14e_zps694f856c.jpg

See the horse behind the barn? She was wondering Im sure what was going on...

 photo 528f3b48-8a81-490e-98eb-35d5b9c1567f_zps45b7a647.jpg

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