Monday, July 11, 2011

Angry Bird named "grumpy" ACEO


I am the first to admit that YES I am addicted to "Angry Birds" and as I sat in my studio painting ACEO's for my eBay store "Jeanette's Folk Art" all of a sudden one of those birds appeared on my paper.... he has the wrong color, supposed to be yellow but as grumpy and angry as always. I was unsure on how to list him in my store since I am sure there are copy rights on the work "angry birds" by now... I listed him as "grumpy" and hope that is ok ;)

You can bid on him in my store.... starting bid .99c and FREE shipping


Ms. Smith said...

what is an ACEO?

Jeanette said...

ACEO's (Art Card Editions and Originals) are 2.5” X 3’5” collectible works of art the size of traditional trading cards.
Miniature art is one of the hottest trends in art collecting. It has become an increasingly popular way to collect a wide range of original art from artists around the world at very reasonable prices.

Hope that explains it. I love to paint these small cards and love to collect them from other artists as well. You can visit to see some of my ACEO's

Blogger said...

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