Sunday, October 17, 2010

FREE pumpkin art lesson for K-5th grade


Warm and cool pumpkins

Grade K-5th

blue, yellow, red, orange, white paint
cut out white paper pumpkins
paint brushes
glue stick
brown paper (for tendrils) optional
green paper (for leaves) optional

Cut out a pumpkin out of white construction paper, the heavier the better.

Give each child a selection of colors on a paper plate.... warm and cool colors...

Warm: yellow, orange, white
Cool: red, blue, yellow (blue and yellow to make green, red and blue to make purple)

Mix colors (be careful to mix too much or it will become a messy brown) and start painting. I like to have each child paint one warm and one cool pumpkin each.
Let the paint dry..... 

White waiting cut out tendrils out of the brown construction paper and some leaves out of the green paper to be put on the pumpkins when they are dry. I like to use a glue stick for this.

These pumpkins can be any size and color.....and look wonderful when put together in a pumpkin a window, on a door or refrigerator...


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Flor Larios Art said...

This is my first time on your blog! it is very cool!
Love the sold painting "Love birds" like the combination of colors and the composition. Very nice!