Thursday, July 8, 2010


Teaching art to kids is the best job on the planet... having the summer off is another wonderful plus when teaching...
I am in the middle of that summer off time right now and staying busy with Kids Art Classroom and getting ready for the CHN Family Expo in Ontario, California in August. 

I will be speaking at this event and also holding a workshop where I will be teaching one of my art lessons for kids. 

Kids Art Classroom will have a booth in the vendor hall at this event as well and I am bringing most of my family to help me out. Kids Art Classroom has turned into a small family business! My son (what would I have done without him these last few months) as the tech guru and the one writing up all my lessons and putting them online, my husband the brains behind business and marketing and my youngest daughter helping me create samples for my lessons. Our oldest daughter who just graduated college with a degree in art and business will come to help out at this event as well :)

So... what did I do??? Well, I created all the lessons, taught them over and over again to my Elementary aged students, changed them over and over again to make them next to perfect. I am doing the Facebook and Twittering for Kids Art Classroom and traveling around to homeschool events to promote us.

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