Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bridal Shower

My oldest daughter had her Bridal Shower on November 2nd....Feels surreal and can't believe she will be married in less than 60 days. Soooo very happy for her though :o)
Creating ART is a rare occurrence for me these days. Teaching ART and spending my days with Elementary school children takes it all out of you and when I come home in the afternoon my own ART is the last thing on my mind. With wedding planning and soccer for my youngest daughter on the weekends my ART has to wait. I did make a quilt though....a smaller one for my future nice arriving any time now. Pictures are not existing....of the quilt or anything else I do lately and that has to change. The picture above is one of the arrangements my daughters future Mother in Law and I created (she is the BEST).
Now I have to work on tomorrows art lessons for 5Th grade....back another day...

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