Friday, June 20, 2008

Creating plenty of ART but no pictures to show...

I am out of town for a week....staying at our best friends house in Folsom outside Sacramento when they are on vacation. Sort of like a house sitting vacation for me and my youngest daughter. We are having such a wonderful time and we love the Air was 102 here today and sooooo HOT. We lived here for 10 years and just moved away two years ago and we have sure forgotten how hot it gets here. The other major change is the change in pace...people here are not stressed like they are in the bay area and I miss that so very much. It looks and feels like a Sunday morning at 7 am here in a Friday afternoon. I am painting and scrapping the days away and it feels nice not to worry about work, dinner and soccer games. I will unpack my camera any day now to take some pics of my art....plenty created today. Summer is here, it is Swedish Midsummer today and I did nothing to celebrate it. Guess I was sort of homesick since my oldest daughter is spending the whole summer in Sweden... She did the true Swedish Midsummer with dancing around the midsummer pole with flowers in her hair. Glad Midsommar to all Swedes out there.

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