Friday, April 4, 2008

Another perfect day (again)

Today is another perfect really is. Spring has sprung and even though I went from pneumonia to allergies life is grand. They might be using a massive jackhammer next door, right underneath my studio (window where I usually listen to birds sing) 8 hours a day for the last week....but that is OK as well because today is another perfect day. I can still see the beautiful palm tree through the jackhammer dust and it makes me want to paint it....I can still hear the birds in between the poor man using the jackhammer (with no ear protection). Art is everywhere and it makes me HAPPY =^..^=
"I got mail" yesterday in my mailbox that is and the book on COLLAGE is lovely and I can't wait to use some of the ideas in my art. I have already tried a new way (for me) to create a nice textured background.....
This morning I attended a meeting with some art friends who all volunteer as Art Docents for "Meet the Masters". We go to different elementary schools in our school district teaching kids about some of our Art Masters...Van Gogh, O'Keeffe, Thiebaud, Rivera etc.etc.... I am always so inspired after meeting with these wonderful people and now have even more ideas for some great lessons. Thanks Betty :) if you read this.
That's it for is a perfect day in so many ways and one of them is my blog...

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