Friday, March 21, 2008

Visit for some FUN

I never knew you could have this much fun on I had some fun pictures and work I have done and before I knew it had created some serious FUN...

Other than this my day has been amazing!!! I had the opportunity to Docent at the Art Center where I live ( I do this every Friday) but today was different.

We had a school from the area with 40 special needs youth and adults attending the tour and basket weaving project. I was not sure how this would work out since I am used to giving this tour to 2Nd graders.

The day was wonderful with lots of laughs and some beautiful handmade baskets in all shapes and colors. This school really wanted ART and I spoke until I almost lost my voice. All of these wonderful people gave me a new look at how I do this Docent thing. It really is all about the ART and how different people respond to it. We might be young or old, struggling with disabilities or illness but it all comes down to how much we love ART and this group loved art more than anyone I have ever met.

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